Tuesday 17th April a sad day in Oram

The cloud that fell over our whole Country on Tuesday 17th April has never lifted, that was the saddest day here in Oram, Castleblayney and Co. Monaghan and it will take a lot of time to realise that the King of Country Music or Irelands “Elvis” as some people referred to Big Tom McBride has passed away.
I saw first hand the grief of everyone in the area and further afield.
I lost my best friend in the music business with his passing and it has left me empty.
Tom and Rose McBride were a team and one was no good without the other so it was fitting that they should be together.
Myself, Tom and Rose had wonderful plans for this year, we were planning for the unveiling of the statue of Tom which will stand proudly in the market square in Castleblayney in September to celebrate his birthday, however both Tom and Rose are gone but I will continue with the family and a great Castleblayney Regeneration Committee to fulfill the dream they has as a couple.
All the time I spent in their company was so so special , their’s was a love story and I felt so honoured to be part of it.
Tom and Rose were always there to share everything with and they cared for me-warts and all. I will always love Big Tom and Rose McBride, why? because they were special.

R.I.P. my friends Tom and Rose

Love always

Margo x