2011 – Margo & Friends

2011 – Margo & Friends (ARRCD1469)
1. God’s Colouring Book (with Dolly Parton)
2. Hallelujah in My Heart (with Philomena Begley)
3. Wrong Direction Home(with Maura O’Connell)
4. Silver Sandals(with Bill Owens)
5. Shade of the Family Tree(with Louis Owens)
6. Yes Mr. Peters(with Larry Cunningham)
7. Golden Memories and Silver Tears(with Philomena Begley)
8. It’s Good to See You(with Isla Grant)
9. The Last One to Touch Me(with John McNicholl)
10. Husband Hunting(with Philomena Begley)
11. He Wished Me Merry Christmas(with Joe McShane)
12. Two’s Company(with Daniel O’Donnell)
13. An Old Friend Like You (with Isla Grant)
14. As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone (with Larry Cunningham)
15. I See God (with Philomena Begley)
16. Don’t Cry Joni (with Daniel O’Donnell)