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  1. We just saw Daniel in Branson, Missouri. He had a great show but I told him the only thing that would have made it better, was if you had come with him. I would love to see you two do a show together in Branson. I live about 300 miles from there and we get down there every year to see Daniel’s show.

  2. Gerri Richardson says:

    Just saw Daniel in Branson, MO. He had a great show as usual, but I told him the only thing that would make it better was, if he would bring him with you. I would love to see both of you do a show together there.

  3. Maura Flanagan says:

    Happy Christmas Margo we were in Derry at your show looking forward to seeing it it was fab
    the best
    Seamus and Maura flangan

  4. Well Margo what a wonderful year for you, celebrating 55 years in the music business. congratulations and keep on singing you are “Simply The Best”

    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year Margo.
    Best wishes for 2020
    Ann Williamson

  5. Wishing you a very merry Christmas Margo And best wishes and good health wished for you in 2020 id love to have had a chance to see you in concert over in Ireland or seen you perform in Newcastle upon tyne near my home of Jarrow but alas my health has let me down over the years its only lately ive managed to go see Donegal and kincasslagh ill get back one day God Willing
    Take care and God Bless you xx

  6. John O Donovan says:

    Wishing you a very happy & peaceful Christmas. I’ve enjoyed your music for most of those 55 years and was delighted to have met you at one of your concerts during the year.

  7. Charlotte Ruchardson says:

    I dearly love anything you sing. Daniel is my best entertainer and the fact that you, his big sister, gave him his start makes you an angel. We have seen him in Branson four times and one trip saw him twice so I have been lucky. I do have your cds and so enjoy them. You are a treasure.

  8. Margo yur a wonderful singer i love all yur songs I have yur first album yu Frist brought out a record that time loved yur self and the king big tom ripwhat a lovely duet ye done merry Christmas to you and best wishes for 2020

  9. There is never another like Margo. The queen of Ireland north and south of the border .I was a child listening to Margo. Daniel was my hero in irish singing as my grandmother from movil donegal .but I was listening to margo more and it was margo I stuck to .I’ve never been a one for going GB to concerts so I o ky listen to margo in my car and north ireland co Tyrone. Theres more to margo .shes a strong and got over many hurdles but the people co tinues to love and respect her because shes GROUNDED. Fame never got to Margo and big tom was mu favourite irish man singer .him and margo were beautiful close friends .when big tom passed .we lost margo for a while but its fantastic to see her back again .and the speaker fir injustice too ie mary Boyle. The little girl still missing in ballyshannon donegal ..always remembered never forgot forget. Margo continue just being you and shirley for being ur rock much love respect to shirley too .ahe works hard behind the scenes..when I was at big Tom’s mass and the spontaneous singing in the grave entrance of big tom in castleblaney co Monaghan .margo through hurt sang for her friend .margo u will be the only 1 irish queen of irish world country music ..keep her lit

  10. Eileen gallagher says:

    Dear margo we wish you a very happy christmas and good health and happiness for 2020. Look forward to meeting you again somewhere next year.
    Love and God Bless
    Eileen and John Gallagher

  11. Margo, congratulations on yet another award, it’s amazing how long you’ve been at the very top. So sorry we didn’t see you the last time we were home in November for dear Mums 3rd anniversary. Please God we’ll meet soon.

  12. Margo, just love your concerts, so looking forward to any performance we can get to this year. Maura

  13. Nicolas P. Jeanvoine says:

    Hello Margo,

    I found your videos at random on YouTube and I fell in love with your singing instantly. You have an amazing voice. I look forward in hearing more.