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  1. Love your music Margo,the wife and I are from Letterkenny and all our family just love you and Daniel ,in fact my sister has gone to see Daniel tonight in Blackpool and my brother is going tomorrow night in Gateshead .Every time he comes to Canada we are back home in Ireland
    Margo I wish you very good health and I know you are very sad now because of Big Tom,s death and also his wife .i watched the funeral on utube
    And it must have been very painful for you .Anyway take good care of yourself and all the best to you and your family Love and best wishes from Billy and Sarah Nee

  2. geraldinestas says:

    hi margo it Geraldine stas I still havnt seen you on tour I don’t known when rll get to see you om tour over here you never still seen to come over here to tour I known you away seen to do a lot of tour and things in Ireland also im so sorry to here about big tom I known he was a good friend of your may he rest in pecase now margo if you get this please would you give me a call on 02085046252 thank you margo margo im sure that the staff at the places where I go to concert im sure they would like you to come tour at these place and im sure that they would love to have you to come to tour margo im sure at your concert would go really well here please come for me I still would give anything to see you live it would be the best treat ever margo it a long time now we in july 2018 way don’t you try to come over at some point this year let me known ok

  3. Patricia A Easterday says:

    Condolences on the passing of your friend, Tom McBride. I really enjoyed the duet! I truly enjoy your voice. Reminds me of my mother’s singing when I was growing up in Kentucky. Yes, very Irish!
    Thank you for bringing Keelan to our attention. Wonderful young man! Also the young man who sang at Big Tom’s graveside sing-Galway, Mayo song. Who is this young singer? Christmas Blessings!

  4. Agatha Morgan says:

    Congratulations Margo on singing that beautiful song Fly me West. We love singing. I met you at The West County Ennis in October and had a photo taken with you. I got the photo framed from my friend for my 60th Birthday on 10th January last. It is lovely to have it. Best Wishes always. From Agatha , Peggy and Peg Morgan Kilmurry McMahon Kilrush Co Clare

  5. geraldine stas says:

    hello margo just two say iv just look at your tour again now they all seen two be in Ireland so I hope at some point this year that you will think about coming over two tour here it would be nice two see you on tour some where soon thank Geraldine stas

  6. Hi. I often have “Keep It Country TV” on in the background. It’s not very often that I have to stop what I am doing to listen to the music, but your “Fly Me West” was awesome and really moving. Absolutely loved it and will have to make a point of listening to more of your music
    Best Regards

  7. Gerri Richardson says:

    I would love to see you and Daniel do a show together in Branson, Mo. I have tickets to see his show there in November and the only thing that would make it better, is you being there too. I love to hear you sing, and I enjoyed your book.
    Are you doing any tours anywhere in the United States in the future?
    Our country music in the states is not the country music I grew up with. I listen to Irish country exclusively now. You, and Daniel are my favorites

  8. geraldinestas stas says:

    hi margo im sorry to say I wont be join you on the 15 of june I don’t go to Ireland very much the own way I would get to see you is if you come over here to tour where I live I am thought going to Ireland thought in October to a wedding so I hope to see you over their in october

  9. Marilyn K gresty says:

    Hello Ms O’Donnell………I have been a fan of your brother Daniels for more years than I care to remember! My Irish friend told me he was always a fan of yours! After he had me listen to some of your recordings, I am a fan too. I bought him your book a few years ago for his birthday, he thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopefully one day when I visit Ireland again, I will get to see you perform live. God Bless!