I’m Still Here

I’m Still Here

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Sleeve note Margo O’Donnell

I do hope you like my choice of songs on this new record of mine. The title track “I’m Still Here” was written specially for me by my good friend Isla Grant. I told her of all the letters I have received since I stopped touring asking how I am and what I am doing and I also told her how much I miss not seeing you all so I Think “I’m Still Here” says it all.

All the songs on this record are favourites of mine. “False Hearted Sweetheart” was taught to me by my Dad when I was a little girl and I have always loved it. “Heavens Grocery Store” was given to me in prayer when I first became ill so I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy it and remember “I’m Still Here”.

  1.  I’m Still Here 3.35
  2. Mother’s Roses 2.39 False Hearted Sweetheart 3.15
  3. 04. When They Ring Those Golden Bells 3.15
  4. It’s Good To See You 3.08
  5. New Patches 3.08
  6. Broken Engagement 2.40
  7. The Old School Yard 2.56
  8. Cottage In Glendowan 4.05
  9. Over The Years 3.02
  10. Grandma’s House 3.28
  11. Hard Times 3.28
  12. A Mother’s Prayer 3.25
  13. The Way Back Home 3.45
  14. Heavens Grocery Store 3.15

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