Career newsletter

For  fifty five years now the name ‘Margo’ has been synonymous with everything that is positive and enriching in Country and Irish music. Blessed with an instantly recognisable voice, a voice unlike any other in the music business, the Donegal-born singer, despite the ever changing musical trends, has remained a star attraction, muched loved by her fans, not only in Ireland and Britain, but also in the USA, Canada, Australia and other far destinations. It is to her eternal credit, that she still possesses an infectious enthusiasm for performing and recording, in spite of the many setbacks she has suffered, since those very early with The Keynotes.

Much of her overwhelming popularity over the years, stems from the fact that Margo has always maintained a close relationship with her fans. One of her greatest attributes as a singer is her special ability to interpret a song and perform it with genuine feeling. Nowhere is that talent more evident than in the “The Emigrant Song” featured on Trip through Ireland album.

There was always music in the O’Donnell family home, and from a very early age Margaret, as she was then known, began to show signs of the immense talent, that would eventually propel her to the very top of her career. While still at school, she joined The Keynotes, and with them recorded two hit songs “Bonny Irish Boy”, given to her by her father, who was so dear to her, and then “Road by the River”, which went to Number 2 in the National Charts in early 1968.

Some time later Margo left the ‘The Keynotes’ to join the ‘Country Folk’, and continued to hold her rating as one of the most sought after artists on the music circuit. By then she could do no wrong, and it was no surprise when, in the month of November 1970, she held off stiff competition from national and international entertainers to claim the coveted number 1 position in the Irish charts, with I’ll forgive and I’ll try to forget. It was plain to see that Margo had a long list of songs that made the Irish charts, including “Hello Mr. Peters”, which she dueted with Larry Cunningham, and in more recent years, it was back where she belonged, at the top, when she teamed up with brother Daniel for “Two’s Company”.

Margo recorded her only duet with a Big Tom “A Love That Lasted  Through The Years”. It became the biggest hit of the year. Recording with Big Tom was a personal ambition for Margo. Big Tom was her hero and her friend.

Through the years Margo’s recordings have continued to reflect her love of Country and Irish music, and to her credit she has never strayed from the early influences that shaped her career. Besides recording best-selling albums and singles, Margo’s substantial list of achievements have included appearances at Carnegie Hall, The Royal Albert Hall, Grand Ole Opry, Wembley festival, Dollywood and all major venues in Australia.

Margo recorded an album in Nashville The Highway of my Life, which featured Dolly Parton’s family, and Dolly dueted with Margo on two of the tracks.

Margo has received numerous national and international awards, and had the honour of presenting her very own shows  back in the early seventies. on R.T.E. television, which were enormously popular.

Margo’s first T.V. appearance was on the Late Late Show hosted by Gay Byrne in 1969.

It should never be forgotten that Margo has made an immense contribution to Country and Irish music. A special and unique talent, and a very sincere person. Margo is highly respected throughout the music business and with her many loyal fans.