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highwaySleeve note Dolly Parton:

Margo O’Donnell. What A precious, gentle Spirit. I had already been impressed with her voice, her style of singing and the heartfelt emotion she puts in a song. I knew Margo was a singing star; but when I met her, I truly met a star person. A star is something that shines and dazzles and gives off a sweet glow. Well. Margo O’Donnell surely is all that and more. I am very pleased and honoured to be singing with her in this project and flattered beyond belief that she loves my songs enough to want to make them part of her career. Margo is definitely one of the more radiant colors in God’s coloring book.

Sleeve note Margo O’Donnell

To my friend Liz Anderson for all her Kindness and for giving me her penned song “Nobody Home” and to Doly Parton for making dreams come true, thanks Dolly for being my friend.

  1.  Better Part Of Life 3.01
  2.  Bet Your Sweet Love 3.10
  3. Silver Sandals 2.46
  4. Highway Of My Life 3.09
  5. Letters To Heaven 3.04
  6. Mine 2.04
  7. Nobody’s Home 4.24
  8. Mama Say A Special Prayer For Me 2.48
  9. Wrong Direction Home 3.10
  10. It Ain’t Fair 2.06
  11. Let Me Give Her The Flowers 2.29
  12. Shade Of The Family Tree 3.24
  13. The Third Man 4.10
  14. God’s Colouring Book 2.42


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