Hello from Castleblayney

Hello everybody

Just checking in with all of you again after a very successful “Big Tom” weekend here in Castleblayney. 

I must say I feel very tired but fulfilled that the unveiling of Big Tom’s statue was such a wonderful event.

The people came in there thousands and everyone loved what they saw. The love that I felt from everyone really made me feel so proud of this man that I call “My Friend”, both Tom and his wife Rose were there in spirit as I really felt their presence as our President Michael. D.Higgins and Tom and Rose’s Daughter Siobhan unveiled the statue which was sculptured by Mark Richards from England. Thank you Mark for your wonderful creation. 

It was sight to behold, and then Keelan Arbuckle broke the silence as he sang “When Big Tom Sang Gentle Mother” written by myself and my good friend Joe McShane.

The McBride family were wonderful as this day was bitter-sweet for them having lost both their parents a short time ago.

Tom and Rose McBride were unique, a one off and I will never know the like of them again. Rest in Peace my dear friends.

I have a few special guest spots to do, the first one is “The Irish Country Stars Concert” in Treacy’s West County Hotel on Tuesday 2nd October,  many other artists appearing on the night including Trudi Lalor.

On the 4th and 5th of November I will be appearing at the Michael Commins weekend in the Clayton Hotel, Galway, many other artists appearing over the two nights. 

On the 19th November I will be appearing as a special guest at the Shannonside/Northern Sound Concert in the Kilmore Hotel, Cavan.

Thats about it for this year as regards concerts.

Till the next time be kind to each other and take care

Love always

Margo x