Hello from Castleblayney

Hello everyone

I have been busy these past weeks and I have a lot going on this year.

After my few concerts with Mike Denver earlier in the year I did the first of my own six concerts to celebrate my 55 years in the music business. 

My first concert was in the Lyrath Estate Hotel, Kilkenny, the show was completely sold out, it was a wonderful night, and everyone really had a good time. I met so many people who I had not seen for a good while so it was nice to catch up and enjoy the chat.

I would like to thank Trudi and Billy Morrissey for making my first concert special and of course successful. The Lyrath Estate Hotel is a beautiful venue with beautiful surroundings, all of the staff were so kind and helpful which makes your visit really special. If you are looking for a few days break you would really enjoy staying there with

plenty of opportunities to pamper yourself.

It was Big Tom’s first Anniversary Mass on the 13th April, where did that year go. I felt so honoured to sing in the Chapel but I must admit it was so hard, I miss Big Tom and Rose so much but at least I have so many loving memories which I will cherish for ever. I sometimes visit the grave and chat to them and that makes me feel happy but a little sad at the same time. There are always fans and friends visiting the grave and I spend some time with them to chat about Tom. 

On the 29th April the “Hot Country T.V. Awards “took place in the Slieve Russell Hotel, Cavan. It was a wonderful night and so many artists appeared and received their awards

i received an award  to  celebrate my 55 years in the music business, Oh my that is a long time, most of my life in fact. If someone had told me when I was starting out at nearly 13 years of a age that I would be still singing I don’t think I would have believed them. I feel blessed that I  still have my voice and that my fans  want to come along and see me at my concerts, without  my fans I would not be up there and performing. I must be doing something right to still be here after 55 years.

I often wonder where my path would have taken me if I had become a nurse as that what I wanted to do. 

On the 3rd May The “Late Late Show” had its special Country Show with a host of singers from the music business, I was honoured to be part of this wonderful night of entertainment.  A few of our legends have gone now, Big Tom, Larry Cunningham and Gene Stuart but I am sure they were looking down on us all that night. 

My next concert is in the Clayton Hotel, Galway on the 12th June and I hope you can come along and join me with my guests for a special show.

I am delighted to be appearing on Opry le Daniel to celebrate my 55th year in entertainment and hoping you will all come along and celebrate with me on Saturday 15th June at Millennium Forum, Derry.

See you all there.

Take care and until the next time be kind and caring to one another as tomorrow is never promised.

Love always

Margo X