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  1. I Have to say Margo is wonderful I have been following her for donkeys years and still love listening to her and big Tom as well May they both have many more years to enjoy this wonderful country n western God bless them

  2. It was great seeing you down in Tullow, Co. Carlow, “the sunny south east”, well maybe not so sunny at this time of year??? It was a great evening of music from many popular artists from the past and present, but I have no doubt that the presence of the “Queen of Country and Irish” made it extra special for everyone. Congratulations on the award you so deservedly received, and the standing ovation on the singing of James Connolly. Long live the Queen, and long may she continue to entertain us with her truly gifted voice.
    Patrick Hughes

  3. Margo
    I hope all is well with your health. If you need anything from this side of the pond, feel free. Congrats on your awards! Keep going strong.

    Best wishes

  4. Hi Margo I have always listened to your music I think your fantasic. Sure we wouldn’t dare speak when my late mother was listening to your records.i see you mentioned that you gathered spuds in Renfrewshire in Scotland well that where I was born. my mum was Irish and my dad was a scots man he past away a couple of years from cancer. I think your a fantasic person Margo and hope you keep going for many years to come. So I will finish by say take care and god bless xx

  5. Hi Margo
    What a fabulous night in Bundoran, you were truly magnificent.
    The guests, band and singers all wanted to be there to celebrate your 50 years Tribute Night.
    It was a night never to forget. The best show I have ever been to.

  6. Margo just to say a huge thank you for such a wonderful night we had in Bundoran.
    It was just delightful to hear all the deserved tributes to you from the guests which you have definitely merited. I just hope you enjoyed it as it was your special night that we were all blessed to be part of.
    Thank you for another splendid night
    Ellen Holland

  7. Margo, we just want to thank you sincerely for the wonderful night we experienced in Bundoran, we believe we will never, ever forget it, it was a night one would have to be present at, to appreciate. Congratulations to you on what was such a wonderful, wonderful night the comments bestowed upon you by the guests were so appropriate, a well deserved tribute. Of all the concerts we have been at, nothing could touch that night in Bundoran, as it was just a one off we believe. The atmosphere in the place was truly electric and your performance was just outstanding as it is normally.
    God Bless you Margo and hopefully many, many more years of your unique entertainment.
    Mary and James

  8. Congratulations Margo on your well deserved tribute night in Bundoran, Co. Donegal. What an night was had, I have no doubt from talking to other fan after, that it will go down in their living memory, it was exceptional in many ways, how rewarding it was to hear such favourable comments dedicated to you from the special guests and the humility with which you accepted all so gracefully, was clearly admirable. It was just magnificent for us fans also as we are only too well aware how much you are entitled to such tributes, it certainly was long overdo but what a way to complete your fifty years in the entertainment profession, your entire performance undertaken was truly exemplary but again nothing more or less than your fans would expect. You are certainly a true credit to Donegal as was expressed by your many neighbours on the night.
    Here s to the next 50? Thank you for the wonderful years of entertainment you have given us.
    Kind regards
    Margaret & John Hennessey

  9. Hi just want to thank margo and her band for a wonderful night in killarney what a night it’s better she’s getting if that’s possible! I do hope to see her again sometime! I am on the wagon for 20 years now margo will know what I mean and its the best 20 years of my life and I hope to stay on it I would like to wish margo all the best for many years to come and may God be good to her ❌❌❌

  10. Hi Margo, just to say a huge thank you in appreciation for the excellent performance we so enjoyed on Sunday night last in the16th of August in The Salthill Hotel; your concert as usual was completely flawless. Your sell-out concerts says it all, fans from far and near travelled to hear you, from Boston, Chicago and New York and the U.K not forgetting your fans here at home who travelled from the four Providences. We can appreciate how you richly earned and deserved your title ‘as the true legend of Country & Irish’ how appropriate that title is. We had first class entertainment from you Margo for approximately 3 hours and I can honestly state we would have stayed and enjoyed another 3 hours, what a talent coupled with such humility and an unique craft of holding your audience attention throughout.

    God bless you Margo and thank you for the wonderful joy you bring to your many fans.

    Mary and Michael Lynch

  11. Hi Margo, in appreciation for the excellent performance we so enjoyed at your concert on Sunday night last at the Salthill Hotel; we just wish to say a huge thank you. You have this unique ability to keep your large audience attention throughout your show. One can deduce from your sell-out concerts that it epitomises the high standard of your performance and your fans absolutely appreciates it. We had first class entertainment from you Margo for approximately 3 hours and really the time just flew, what a gifted talent.

    Thank you Margo and God bless you.

    Joan and Rory O’Connor

  12. Dear Mar go, I have always loved you and your music and always will. You are simply and truly fantastic. I will treasure your songs forever. Love you with all my heart. Martyn. P.S.Hope to meet you again one day.

  13. It was so lovely to meet you in Fatima last week. I was lucky enough to be at the Mass where you sang the beautiful song you wrote whilst you were in Fatima, it was so inspiring. I could not believe how much time you spent chatting with people, you gave so much of your time.
    Thank you Margo

  14. Dear Margo, what a wonderful evening had by all in Mullingar on Tuesday the 28th of April with all the varied entertainment. Congratulation to you on receipt of your 2 awards richly deserved and your performance was second to none as per normal hence the acknowledgement of the crowd in honouring you with the only standing ovation of the night. We are so looking forward to your next concert.
    God bless and long may you continue.
    John O’Brien

  15. Hi Margo,
    I just want to congratulate you on Tuesday night last the 28th April 2015 at Hot Country Awards in Mullingar, both your flawless performance and the awards you were presented with, all well deserved. It was a great night with such young and not so young talent but candidly I will say there was one who really stood out on the night and to the huge audience, the accolade was for you ‘a standing ovation’ that you truly deserved on the night. Thank you for the wonderful entertainment you have given us throughout and long, long may you continue.
    Kind regards
    Nora O’Dowd

  16. Hi Margo I know it’s not easy to forget your mother time will heal ! you will be sadley be missed from the tours and any new c d s best of health enjoy life you dersisve it God bless Winnie

  17. One of the most memorable nights at the Hot Country Awards, all the entertainment was brilliant, highlight for me was Margo’s version of James Connolly.

  18. Margo, I just want to say a huge thank you for the friendliness and the courtesy you afforded me and the other people in the Glencarn Hotel in Castleblayney, on Saturday night last whilst we were there to hear and see Charlie Pride, I must say what you were certainly an extra bonus and made our night to be in your presence. We look forward to seeing you again at your Concerts in the near future.
    Thank you again.
    God Bless.
    Nora and family

  19. Lovely to hear you on bobs radio show few minutes ago .will be so wonderful if you can be at symphony hall .love all your photos on face book . Constantly play your music .you are such a lovely person and appreiciated by thousands of fans .glad you are enjoying your leisure time
    Joan x

  20. Hi Margo, I would like to buy your book and wondered if you would autograph it before it was mailed? Another lady would like to know if your book will be sold at Daniel’s museum? I love hearing you sing and I met you at one of Daniel’s concerts in Branson. God Bless you

  21. Margo, Happy memories of our trip to see Padre Pio several years ago, you were living near scramogue at the time. Congrats, very happy memories you unearthed on Friday’s Late late…..well done and many happy years of singing and making people happy.

  22. Hi Margo, Just to say I enjoyed the music and the craic at your concert last Saturday night in Cavan. For me it was well worth the trip to Cavan especially when I got a front seat! Thanks for a great evening. Hoping to get to Killarney in August! Wishing you continued success, health and happiness in your life. Regards Pat

  23. I must congratulate you Margo after yet another wonderful Concert we had with you on Saturday night the 21st of February in Kilmore Hotel in Co. Cavan. What a wonderful performer, your unique beautiful voice and the wonderful jokes that only you could deliver was really a show no-one should have missed. You’re an excellent entertainer with such a gifted natural ability, it is no wonder that the fans just seem to idolise you and their loyalty to you is never in question. Thank you for all the years of pure quality entertainment and until your next Concert God Bless

  24. I’m not really one who accesses the web frequently but I just couldn’t help myself after the awesome experience we had with you Margo and your band in concert on Saturday night last in Kilmore Hotel, Co. Cavan. I can candidly say it was just magical, Margo you are such a wonderful performer, your shows are varied with both laughter and song, you have a unique ability to involve your audience throughout your excellent performance along with your natural talent that you really makes it seem so effortless, your numerous loyal fans only wish that you could continued for another 3 hours or so which is selfish on our behalf and I can appreciate that. I could go on and on, I’m just looking forward to your next concert. It is no wonder you are regarded as the legend of Country and Irish, you certainly have earned that crown. God Bless and keep you well.

  25. What a fabulous show Margo put on in the Kilmore Hotel, Cavan on Saturday 21st February. Three hours of pure magic, songs, jokes and laughter. Margo did the show herself, no guest artist, just herself. I don’t think there is another person that could hold the attention of the audience for three hours

  26. Just read Margo”s Book how inspiring. I have been a fan for many years and was so excited when I got my copy. You deserve everything that is beautiful and peaceful in your life. Congratulations on your 50years, that is some achievement for you.

  27. Congratulations on your career of 50 years. I wish you continued success and the health to enjoy it all. I was at the show in Westport on Sunday night. I am home on holiday from New York. It was the best of the best, I loved you in the 60’s that has not changed. God Bless You

  28. A massive thank you to Margo who visited the residents of St. Attractas Nursing Home, Charlestown, Co Mayo on Monday, 6th October. Margo generously gave her time to come and sing for the residents which was an exceptional pleasure for all. She is a true lady and a wonderful performer and on behalf of the residents, staff, visitors and management we wish her all the best for the future.

  29. Helo Margo,Well we made it to your concert last night in the Tullamore Court Hotel and what a night, you are a great entertainer, the last time we saw you was near on 20 years ago in Nottingham England and you have not changed one bit, my husband couldn’t believe how it could have been yesterday we last heard you live, you are such a credit to yourself as it was you who done all the hard work to get your life back on track again, so please God you will continue to go from strength to strength and God be good to you as you deserve it. Also please say Hello to Shirley she is such a beautiful person… and Margo thank you for a very entertaining night God Bless you…. love Rosemary & Jimmy Hennessy xx U

  30. Was at your concert on Saturday night loved theshow AnthAnthony’s sister didn’t get to meet you we travelled up and down a beautiful person

  31. Margaret I’m very sorry to hear sad news about your mum my thoughts go out you and Daniel god bless Thomas Mooney

  32. Dear Margo, I’m a brand new fan of yours. I was looking for concerts in Cork during my stay there in September and was lucky enough to find out that “the queen of Irish coungtry” would be touring there. I live in Brazil and didn’t know you. I just went to youtube and said: that’s the very kind of gig I would like to attend. So beautiful songs and voice… So there I’ll be in Cork Opera House to listen to you. I’ll try to listen more of your songs so I’ll be able to sing along rs rs Best of everything you may wish for. Tadeu Barbosa (Niteroi-Rio de Janeiro-Brazil)