Good  friends are like stars…..You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there

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  1. Here’s Wishing You the Happiest Christmas Ever Margo.

    Love and Best Wishes Terry Thayre from St.Neots, Cambridge England.

    ps: I danced with you at The Viking House Hotel in 1990.

  2. Hi Margo loved the song with you a nd Tom what a memory loved all your song down through years from the Manor House to the Galtymore sorry missed photo with you at the fundraising for the young girl what a night of stars. Jim my husband still holds a ca dle for you you are such a special person. Thank you Margo for your lovely songs and memories love hugs Maureen and Jim Mckenna xx

  3. Your the most kind hearted lady i have ever met. I can not say thank you enough. You have a breath taking voice. I would really enjoy getting to know you better and if you ever make it to minnesota i would love to meet with you

  4. Hello Margo.

    Thank you so much for your many beautiful songs. I listen to them all the time. Just want to wish you a fantastic healthy 2017. Hope to meet you again one day. Lots of love. Martyn.

  5. Hi Margo,
    I was at your concert in Killarney recently. Myself, my mother and few family members travelled down from Wicklow to the Kingdom for what was a brilliant evening of entertainment. As always well done you!! My mother was trilled when you sang Shanagolden as this is one of her favourite Margo songs. We also enjoyed the jokes. The one thing that always shines through on stage is your sincerity. Long may the Queen of Country & Irish reign.
    With every good wish to you at this time in your life.
    Pat Hughes

  6. Well done Margo what a show, I know it was hard for you but you gave your all. Everyone loves you and admires you for your honesty and sincerity.
    Lets all hope that somewhere down the road you might return to Killarney.
    Your health comes first.

  7. Margo I really enjoyed your concert in the .I.N.E.C. You certainly know how to entertain your audience with your songs, jokes and wit. I know you were so tired after your show but you still spent hours meeting your fans and friends.
    Thinking of you and I hope all goes well with your op.
    Take care and look after yourself.
    Marian Davis

  8. hi Geraldine stas here margo bigger number one fan here please can you ask margo to come to tour here where I live thank their lots of venues where I live. I live in woodford green

  9. Hello Margo,
    Unfortunately can’t make your show in Killarney Friday night.
    Wishing you good luck, good health and a brilliant night. So sorry the date is clashing with a wedding. Bless you
    What a performer you have been . Mind yourself . Mary

  10. Margo we will miss your concert in Killarney we are so disappointed. Best of luck always a brilliant and special night. Will you do any other concerts .?.

  11. Hello Margo,it was lovely meeting up with you on Saturday.Great day of music and the weather was kind to us!!!
    Take care and God Bless

    Pat & Monica xx

  12. This is not a comment but an enquiry. I wrote a few songs a nd offered them to different singers but I never had a word from them to say they weren’t interested,which I would have appreciated though disappointed. I gave songs to Margo to listen to and at least she was decent enough to meet me and accept my c d. Now, after all that, I would like to send another song which I wrote a couple of months ago, it’s an old time waltz and about a boy who leaves his girl and emigrates to a foreign country to make money to get married but he takes sick and wants brought home to die.) I tried it out among friends but didn’t say I wrote it and I was encouraged by the reaction. If you (Margo) were interested I would post on the lyrics to give you the story, if you would be interested I would get a rough c d made and forward it.

  13. Hi Margo, thank you for the fabulous day and evening/night we had in Ards, the concert was good with the local talent and you were an exceptional compare, having us entertained throughout with your wonderful jokes as only you could so eloquently deliver and then it was time for your performance which we were all awaiting and indeed it was just as exemplary as always. I must mention how the audience appreciated your concert/performance, they were on their feet not once but twice and how well deserved it was. Thanks you for making the night so enjoyable for us, your audience and long may that continue as your one in a million.
    Much Love

  14. It was such a pleasure to meet you last night at the showing of the “Mary Boyle Documentary in Dundalk. Well done to yourself and Gemma.

  15. Hi Margo.
    I hope you are feeling better. I will keep you in my prayers. I was hoping you would come in oct to the irish american heritage center !!
    Take care . Sincerly Sharon Klett

  16. Hi Margo, hope you are well and getting over your ha! I admire and support what you did for that poor little girl Mary Boyle.
    Hang in there my friend! The truth always comes out.
    Any chance of a new CD?/


  17. john brendan and kate casey
    co kerry

    we have been fans of yours for last 43 years or more, it will be great to see you in killarney in october and to hear your lovely voice margo your are the best you played in our village several times in the white sands hotel ballyheigue first time we saw daniel was with you in white sands hotel ballyheigue ye are a credit to our coutry we went to donegal for the first time this year with a tour group from killarney had lovely time always wanted to see and see where you and daniel came from take care of yourself margo until we meet in october in killarney