Hi everyone

Hello there,

Sitting in my home in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, I was just thinking about the fans that have blest my life down through the years and the wonderful memories you have furnished me with. Just because we don’t meet often anymore doesn’t mean you are not part of my life, in fact the opposite.

My fans are one of many very important parts so with those thoughts I decided I would write a little note to you all.

Easter is over and time is passing so quickly, we are sometimes unaware of the year moving on.

I have decided to live very much in the now and I am so happy to have all the good things I have in my life.

I am enjoying the few concerts with Mike Denver and I have a few planned with Trudi Lawlor which are always enjoyable.

At the moment I am still working on the Statue project of Big Tom and that hopefully will be unveiled in September.

I look forward to seeing all the fans at the concerts during these next few months. In November I am going to London as a special guest at the Donegal Association Dinner Dance which I am looking forward to. I haven’t been to London since the days of the famous Galtymore, so get ready London, I’m on my way.

Hopefully I will get to visit some relatives in the USA later on this year.

Lets hope the weather picks up now, we all feel a lot better when the sun is shining  and we can enjoy a walk, gardening etc. I enjoy so much walking around Lough Muckno, it is so beautiful and peaceful, and soon the Bluebells will be in full bloom, a sight behold.

Hope you all stay well and safe.

Be kind to each other and until the next time

Take care

Love always Margo x


Surprise Guest at Gala Dinner Dance

A fabulous night in the Great Northern Hotel, Bundoran on Sunday for Sean Cuddy’s Gala Dinner Dance, it was part of a long weekend with entertainment every day and night. Sean invited me to be a surprise special guest, I really enjoyed the night. Thank you Sean for the beautiful flowers and the Genesis gifts.

Many people travelled from all over Ireland, England and Scotland for the weekend. I saw many people I had not seen for many years.

I sang a few songs including James Connolly which is requested everywhere I go, I told a few jokes and then sat down and enjoyed the evening.

Thank you Sean for inviting me.

Hot Country Awards Night

Hello everyone

What a fabulous night in the Mullingar Park Hotel  for the “Hot Country Awards” There was so much talent on stage, some newcomers to the music business which is so good to see. Myself, Philomela Begley, Mary Duff, Bernie Heaney, Trudi Lawler, Lisa McHugh, Nathan Carter, Jimmy Buckley, Derek Ryan, Declan Nerney, Marc Roberts, Crystal Swing and many other artists, all received an Award for their contribution to the music business.

I was honoured to receive two Awards, “Irish Country Music Hall Of Fame & Celebrating 50 Years In The Music Business” and “Album, D.V.D. & Book Combination “Promise And The Dream”

I was so happy that my cousin Oliver Bracken from Bayonne, New Jersey and his brother and sisters were my guests on the night. Thank you Oliver for making my night extra special.

I am going to Fatima with Sr. Consilio from “Cuan Mhuire”, it is a place where I have not been to so I will look forward to going there. That will be special to be in the company of Sr. Consilio.

It is hard to believe that my Mam’s first Anniversary is in a few weeks, it has been hard for me, I don’t seem to be able to come to terms with her passing, I never thought it would be so hard and I miss her so much.( R.I.P) We were so close and she confided in me about everything. We would talk five and six times a day, every day. I miss those phone calls and the chats.

I know that we all have lost loved ones sometime in our lives, and what an empty place that can leave. Time is a great healer, and that just what it takes, time.

I am only doing a few concerts this year to finish off my 50th Anniversary year. That is all I am able to do for health reasons.

I will keep you up to date with any news I have.

Take care

Love always

Margo x