Wishing you a veryHappy Christmas & New Year

Hi everyone,

It is almost Christmas again and a New Year is dawning.

As I look back on my 55 years in music I have wonderful memories, I had a sell out concert tour and a very memorable show on “Opry le Daniel” which will be screened on Christmas Eve and repeated again on the 28th of December.
R.T.E. are showing a documentary called the “Keys To My Life”which takes me on a journey back to my home in Donegal, my time spent in Dublin, Galway and finally to my home in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan. The documentary will be shown in the New Year. I will keep you informed when I have a date.
In May this yer for the first time I did a concert on the Billy Morrissey trip to Portugal and took in a little holiday as well, and I am doing it again next May 17th/24th. I really enjoyed it and got to spend time with all the fans and friends who came along.
At the end of November I went back home and did a very intimate concert for all of the senior citizens in the Waterfront Hotel, Dungloe. It started with 50 people but ended with over 280, a lot of not so senior people came along which included neighbours and friends of mine.
It was such a special day for me to be at home with all of the folk who believed in me from the beginning and remained all down through the years.
I have had a really special year and I have a vision now of how much Margo is loved. All of my fans and friends have given me all the special things and memories and I just want to say a special “thank you” to all of you.
Next June I will for the first time do a Margo week-end in the Clanree Hotel, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, where I will spend quality time with all the fans once more. I
I have a very special D.V.D. which will be available next year simply called “The Margo Story” It is a package with 
my concert from “Opry Le Daniel”, another section is all the good wishes I received for my 55 years and then a documentary. I am so happy with the D.V.D. and I am sure you will enjoy watching it.  
Watch the website for details of the release date.
 Next year  2020 I will be doing about eight concerts, at the moment they are not finalised but as soon as I get the dates I will post them on this website.
 I hope to meet up with all of you again in the coming year. In the meantime take care of each other and let us spread love.
Until the next time have a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year.
Love always 
Margo X