Margo & Friends

Margo & Friends c.d

  1. margiand-friendsGod’s Colouring Book  (Dolly Parton)
  2. Hallelujah In My Heart  (Philomena Begley)
  3. Wrong Direction Home  (Maura O’Connell)
  4. Silver Sandals   (Bill Owens)
  5. Shade Of The Family Tree  (Louis Owens)
  6. Yes Mr Peters  (Larry Cunningham)
  7. Golden Memories  (Philomena Begley)
  8. It’s Good To See You  (Isla Grant)
  9. The Last One To Touch Me  (John McNicholl)
  10. Husband Hunting  Philomena Begley
  11. He Wished Me Merry Christmas  (Joe McShane)
  12. Two’s Company  (Daniel O’Donnell)
  13. Old Friends Like You  (Isla Grant)
  14. As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone  Larry Cunningham
  15. I See God  Philomena Begley
  16. Don’t Cry Joni  Daniel O’Donnell


Margo’s Songs of Inspiration

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Margo's – Songs of Inspiration

  1. Dear God
  2. Who Am I?
  3. Dust On Mother's Bible
  4. Gathering Flowers
  5. A Mother's Prayer
  6. Eyes Of A Child
  7. Family Bible
  8. My Gentle Daddy
  9. God's Colouring Book
  10. I'll Meet You In Church
  11. Heaven's Grocery Store
  12. Patches In Heaven
  13. The Old Rugged Cross
  14. Lady Of Knock
  15. How Far Is Heaven?
  16. The Mass Rock In The Glen
  17. Letter To Heaven
  18. The Deepening Snow
  19. When They Ring Those Golden Bells
  20. The Third Man 

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Margo Concert Highlights

Margo Concert Highlights

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Margo Concert Hightlights

Highlights from Margo’s concert, which took place in the Oasis, Carrickmacross.

The concert was to launch Margo’s album “I’m Still  Here”


Running time 1hr 33mins




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Golden Favourites

Golden Favourites

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  1. Take This Message To My Mother
  2. Little Isle Of Green
  3. James Connolly (New Recording)
  4. Green Glens Of Antrim
  5. Dear John
  6. Kincasslagh I’ve Missed You
  7. A Toast From An Irish Colleen
  8. Goodbye Johnny Dear
  9. Boolavogue (New Recording)
  10. The Darling Sailin Man(Jamie Stowaway)
  11. Back Home To Donegal
  12. Come To The Bower
  13. Lady Of Knock
  14. Lovely Erins Shore
  15. Margo’s Tribute To Daniel
  16. Red Is The Rose
  17. Dear Old Galway Town
  18. The Hills Above Drumquin
  19. Make Somebody’s Day
  20. The Parting Glass

Margo’s Ireland

Margo’s Ireland D.V.D.

Margo’s Ireland CD and DVDireland

This product will work in all players Worldwide guaranteed.

Margo’s Ireland CD / DVD combination. Included is a 36 page booklet of photo’s and memories.

Yes, you can go home again! Ireland’s legendary songstress Margo invites you along for a journey through the beautiful County Donegal. You’ll visit Loughanure, Dun Lewey and Mullaghduff and stop off at Margo’s hometown Kincasslagh, as her brother Daniel O’Donnell drops in for a visit. A very special trip to Owey Island gives you a glimpse of Ireland that few people ever had the pleasure to see.

From Donegal to the coastline of Galway, Achill Island and Rosslare Harbour, this musical tour of the Emerald Isle is like no other. You’ll even cross the broad Atlantic to New York and Chicago.

No Matter where she chances to stray, Margo’s “Old Friends” are delighted to see her again and join in for a bit of Fun. This lady sings the songs and tells the stories the way no one else could ever. She is special. She is Margo

Bobby O’Brien

Amsterdam, NY, USA.

DVD – Margo’s Ireland

  1. Coastline Of Galway
  2. Old Friends Of Mine
  3. Footsteps Through The Roses
  4. Anytown In Ireland
  5. The Road By The River
  6. Deep Sheephaven Bay
  7. Home To Achill Island
  8. The Old House
  9. Lonesome Mother’s Call
  10. Rosslare Harbour
  11. My Lovely Kincasslagh
  12. The Hearts That Beats In Ireland
  13. The Cottage

CD – Margo – Old Friend’s Of Mine

  1. Home To Achill Island
  2. The Road By The River
  3. Lonesome Mother’s Call
  4. Coastline Of Galway
  5. Rosslare Harbour
  6. My Lovely Kincasslagh
  7. Old Friends Of Mine
  8. Isle Of The Welcomes
  9. The Old House
  10. The Hearts That Beats In Ireland
  11. Anytown In Ireland
  12. Emigrant Eyes
  13. Footsteps Through The Roses
  14. The Cottage

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Country and Irish

Country and Irish

Margo’s Country & Irish


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  1. If I Kiss You
  2. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face
  3. San Antonio Rose
  4. Your Forevers Don’t Last Very Long
  5. Once A Day
  6. The Old Rugged Cross
  7. All Day Sucker
  8. You Can’t Hold Onto Love
  9. I Love You Drops
  10. Ribbon of Darkness
  11. The Coal Miner’s Daughter
  12. Everybody’S Somebody’s Fool
  13. A Trace Of A Heartache
  14. Why
  15. Tomorrow Never Comes
  16. Easy Come Easy Go



  1. By The Loughside
  2. Destination Donegal
  3. If We Only Had Old ireland Over Here
  4. The Blind Child
  5. The Dying Rebel
  6. Rocking Alone (In An Old Rocking Chair)
  7. Irish Eyes
  8. The Cliffs of Dooneen
  9. Donegal Danny
  10. A Toast To Claddagh
  11. The Irish Soldier Boy
  12. Sweet Kilmore Quay
  13. Slievenamon
  14. Roving Galway Boy
  15. Cuttin The Corn Around Creeslough
  16. The Faithful Sailor Boy

A Collection of Country & Irish Favourites from years gone by#

This gathering of specially selected tracks have been choosen personally by Margo from many of her earliest recordings dating right back to the 1960’s.

Two Sides

The Two Sides Of:

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Margo Two Sides Of


(C.D. 1 The Irish Side Of Margo)

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  1. The Old Claddagh Ring
  2. Road By The River
  3. Bonny Irish Boy
  4. The Streams Of Bunclody
  5. An Irish Lullaby
  6. The Three Flowers
  7. Danny Dear
  8. Mass Rock In The Glen
  9. Deep Sheephaven Bay
  10. The Deepening Snow
  11. The Three Leaf Shamrock From Glenore
  12. The Irish Rover
  13. Dear Old Kilarney
  14. Bonnie Scotland
  15. Shanagolden
  16. Tipperary Town


(C.D. 2 The Country Side Of Margo)

  1. Hello Darlin!
  2. I Overlooked An Orchid
  3. Dear God
  4. Family Bible
  5. Gathering Flowers For The Masters Bouquet
  6. A House Without Love
  7. Crazy Dreams
  8. I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew
  9. Coat Of Many Colours
  10. It Rains Just The Same In Missouri
  11. My Baby’s Not Here In Town Tonight
  12. Mama Say A Special Prayer
  13. Too Many Teardrops Too Late
  14. Time Changes Everything
  15. Be Nice To Everybody
  16. Put My Little Shoes Away

Margo Now

Margo Now

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margo now

Margo Now

1.  The Violet And The Rose

2.  Country Music

3.  The Plains Of Sweet Kildare

4.  Leave Your Name And Number

5.  Home Is Where Your Happy

6.  Signed, Sealed And Delivered

7.  Sweethearts In Heaven

8.  Two’s Company

9.  These Are The Colours

10. Forty Miles To Donegal

11. One To Ten

13. A Little More Like Heaven

14. Shanagolden

15. You’ll Never Miss The Water

16. Philadelphia Lawyer




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highwaySleeve note Dolly Parton:

Margo O’Donnell. What A precious, gentle Spirit. I had already been impressed with her voice, her style of singing and the heartfelt emotion she puts in a song. I knew Margo was a singing star; but when I met her, I truly met a star person. A star is something that shines and dazzles and gives off a sweet glow. Well. Margo O’Donnell surely is all that and more. I am very pleased and honoured to be singing with her in this project and flattered beyond belief that she loves my songs enough to want to make them part of her career. Margo is definitely one of the more radiant colors in God’s coloring book.

Sleeve note Margo O’Donnell

To my friend Liz Anderson for all her Kindness and for giving me her penned song “Nobody Home” and to Doly Parton for making dreams come true, thanks Dolly for being my friend.

  1.  Better Part Of Life 3.01
  2.  Bet Your Sweet Love 3.10
  3. Silver Sandals 2.46
  4. Highway Of My Life 3.09
  5. Letters To Heaven 3.04
  6. Mine 2.04
  7. Nobody’s Home 4.24
  8. Mama Say A Special Prayer For Me 2.48
  9. Wrong Direction Home 3.10
  10. It Ain’t Fair 2.06
  11. Let Me Give Her The Flowers 2.29
  12. Shade Of The Family Tree 3.24
  13. The Third Man 4.10
  14. God’s Colouring Book 2.42


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I’m Still Here

I’m Still Here

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Sleeve note Margo O’Donnell

I do hope you like my choice of songs on this new record of mine. The title track “I’m Still Here” was written specially for me by my good friend Isla Grant. I told her of all the letters I have received since I stopped touring asking how I am and what I am doing and I also told her how much I miss not seeing you all so I Think “I’m Still Here” says it all.

All the songs on this record are favourites of mine. “False Hearted Sweetheart” was taught to me by my Dad when I was a little girl and I have always loved it. “Heavens Grocery Store” was given to me in prayer when I first became ill so I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy it and remember “I’m Still Here”.

  1.  I’m Still Here 3.35
  2. Mother’s Roses 2.39 False Hearted Sweetheart 3.15
  3. 04. When They Ring Those Golden Bells 3.15
  4. It’s Good To See You 3.08
  5. New Patches 3.08
  6. Broken Engagement 2.40
  7. The Old School Yard 2.56
  8. Cottage In Glendowan 4.05
  9. Over The Years 3.02
  10. Grandma’s House 3.28
  11. Hard Times 3.28
  12. A Mother’s Prayer 3.25
  13. The Way Back Home 3.45
  14. Heavens Grocery Store 3.15

To buy this cd online click here  “I’m Still here

The Margo Collection

The Margo Collection

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MargoThe Margo Collection

  1. The Eyes Of A Child collection
  2. I Would Like to See You Again
  3. Tipperary Far Away
  4. I’ll Forgive And I’ll Try To Forget
  5. Born In Ireland
  6. Rented Room
  7. Back In My Baby’s Arms
  8. An Irish Harvest Day
  9. Ireland On My Mind
  10. How Far Is Heaven
  11. You’ll Remember Me
  12. The Man From The Glen
  13. Sitting Alone
  14. Memories Of Mayo
  15. Little White House
  16. Home Is Where The Heart Is
  17. If I Kiss You
  18. Paper Mansions
  19. Little Town On The Shannon
  20. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down

The Girl from Donegal

The Girl From Donegal

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Margo The Girl From Donegal

16 Country & Irish Favourites

  1. Donegal
  2. Goodbye Johnny Dear
  3.  A Sprig Of Irish Heather
  4. Old Rustic Bridge
  5. A Village In County Tyrone
  6. Noreen Bawn
  7. Isle Of Innisfree
  8. Tipperary Far Away
  9. Old Flames
  10. The Rose of Mooncoin
  11. Doonaree
  12. Green White And Gold
  13.  When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
  14.  Isle Of Ireland
  15. My Gentle Daddy
  16. Green Hills Of Sligo

The Two Queens

The Two Queens

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THE TWO QUEENS Margo & Philomena

  1. Mother May I
  2. God’s Colouring Book
  3. Gold & Silver Days
  4. I See God
  5. He Took Your Place
  6. Wishful Thinking
  7. Crystal Chandeliers
  8. Golden Memories
  9. The Way Old Friends Do
  10. Colour Me Blue
  11. Darling Days
  12. There’ll Be Love
  13. Husband Hunting
  14. Hallelujah In My Heart

A Musical Journey Video

Musical Journey now on D.V.D


A Trip Through Ireland

Will Your Lawyer Talk To God

Ireland’s Where I Call Home

Roses In The Snow

Lonely Nights In London

The Emigrant

All I Have For You Mum Is This Rose

Memories Of Life In Donegal

I’ll Meet You In Church Sunday Morning

Someday You’ll Call My Name

Near The Village Of Dromore


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Irelands where I call home

IRELAND’S WHERE I CALL HOME (1989 recordings)

  1. 1989-recording
  2. A New Tomorrow
  3. The Tower Of Sweet Rathlee
  4. Will Your Lawyer Talk To God
  5. Ireland’s Where I Call Home
  6. Roses In The Snow
  7. Lonely Nights In London
  8. The Emigrant
  9. All I Have For You Mum Is This Rose
  10. I Still Miss Someone
  11. Memories Of Life In Donegal
  12. I’ll Meet You In Church Sunday Morning
  13. Someday You’ll Call My Name
  14. Near The Village Of Dromore

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Stories in Song

2010-recording (1)STORIES IN SONG (2010 recordings)

  1. These Hills (That I Call Home)

  2. A Last Time For Everything
  3. The Last One I’ll Forget
  4. Gone Home To God
  5. The Boys In Blue
  6. My Guardian Angel
  7. The Old Roofless House
  8. Has Anybody Seen My Mama?
  9. Dingle Bay
  10. A Land Far Away
  11. I Don’t Feel Like Loving You Today
  12. Ireland Must Be Heaven
  13. My Dear Father I’ve Loved You
  14. Sunday Memories
  15. The Loan
  16. Happy Birthday Mother


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Songs For Mother

ARRCD1472Songs For Mother

  1. Mama Say A Special Prayer For Me
  2. Take This Message To My Mother
  3. The Blind Child
  4. Patches In Heaven
  5. The Last One I’ll Forget
  6. Has Anybody Seem My Mama
  7. A Mother’s Prayer
  8. Dust On Mother’s Bible
  9. Mother’s Roses
  10. All I Have For You Mum
  11. Lonesome Mother’s Call
  12. Ireland Must Be Heaven
  13. Whisper Your Mother’s Name
  14. Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair
  15. Let Me Give Her The Flowers
  16. Happy Birthday Mother

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50 songs 50 years


50 songs 50 years

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50songs (1)

C.D. 1.

1.  Born In Ireland

2.  Poverty

3.  Little Town On The Shannon

4.  The Man From The Glen

5.  Little White House

6.  Ireland On My Mind

7.  Shanagolden

8.  An Irish Harvest Day

9.  Packie Bonner

10. To My Children I’m Irish

11. Isle Of The Welcomes

12. I’ll Forgive And I’ll Try To Forget

13. Dear Old Galway Town

14. Dear John

15. Any Town In Ireland Would Be Home

16. Lady Of Knock

17. Lovely Kincasslagh

C.D. 2

1.  The Green Fields Old Ireland

2.  Heaven Around Galway Bay

3.  The Isle Of Innisfree

4.  Lovely Erin’s Shore

5.  Pick me Up On Your Way Down

6.  How Far Is Heaven

7.  Home To Achill Island

8.  Consider The Children

9.  Back Home To Donegal

10.Rented Room

11. Philadelphia Lawyer

12. Sweethearts In Heaven

13. A Bunch Of Time

14. It’s A Little More Like Heaven

15. Infamous Angel

16. Walking Tall In Donegal

C.D. 3

1. Learning To Say Goodbye

2.  Violet And The Rose

3.  Darling Days

4.  If I Could See the World  Through The Eyes Of A Child

5.  Home Is Where The Heart Is

6.  Paper Mansions

7. Your Forevers Don’t Last Very Long

8. These Are The Colours

9. Blue Are The Violets

10. A Teardrop On A Rose

11. Signed, Sealed And Delivered

12. Wishful Thinking

13. Make Somebody’s Day

14. We Haven’t Tried

15. I Would Like To See You One More Time

16. So Afraid Of Losing You Again

17. Friends

Margo Live


Margo Live


  1. Back Home To Donegal
  2. The Hills That I Call Home
  3. Rosslare Harbour
  4. Mother’s Roses
  5. Dear God/Through The Eyes Of A Child
  6. Boys In Blue
  7. Please Mama Please
  8. New Patches
  9. Over The Years
  10. Tipperary Far Away
  11. Learning To Say Goodbye
  12. James Connolly
  13. Bonny Irish Boy
  14. Lovely Derry On The Banks Of The Foyle
  15. Pocketful Of  Dreams
  16. Highway Of My Life
  17. Deepening Snow
  18. I Still Miss Someone
  19. Patches In Heaven
  20. Paint Me A Picture Of Ireland
  21. Fields Of Hope
  22. Road By The River
  23. Time Changes Everything
  24. The Third Man





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World Through My Eyes

throughmyeyesThe World Through My Eyes

  1. Here We Are Again Tonight
  2. Stranger In My Town
  3. Mansion On The Hill
  4. He Played His Farewell Song
  5. Fields Of Hope
  6. The Years They  Seem Like Days
  7. Priceless Possessions
  8. Green Hills Of Slane
  9. Rocky Shores Of Carna
  10. The City We Call Belfast
  11. Making Believe
  12. Silver And Gold
  13. I’ll Hold On To Your Coat
  14. The Circle
  15. May We All Someday Meet Again


Parcel of Dreams

parcvel of dreamsParcel of Dreams

  1. Parcel Of Dreams
  2. Bank’s Of The Wabash
  3. The One I Love The Most
  4. If We Were Meant To Fly
  5. Too Old Too Die Young
  6. Heaven Is My Homeland Donegal
  7. Don’t Cry Joni (Duet with Daniel)
  8. From An Island To An Island
  9. Four Seasons
  10. Who Am I
  11. Cottage By The Sea
  12. Come With Me To Clare
  13. Dust On Mothers Bible
  14. You’re Welcome One And All
  15. Picture In A Frame
  16. Lovely Derry On The Banks Of The Foyle
  17. The Great  Big Tom McBride
  18. Come Back To Ireland