New Releases

New releases

The Promise And The Dream


  1. Let’s Make A Difference
  2. Pocketful Of Dreams
  3. Anywhere In Ireland
  4. They’ll Never Take His Love From me
  5. Knowing You’ll Be There
  6. My Musical Journey
  7. I’d Rather Have Jesus
  8. Wexford’s Hearts Of Gold
  9. Paint Me A Pictue Of Ireland
  10. Turn Out The Lights, The Party’s Over
  11. Apartment No 9 12
  12. Remember Me
  13. Absent Friends
  14. Within My Father’s Arms
  15. Please Mama Please
  16. The Gift Of Friends
  17. Imperfectly Perfect
  18. The Bonny Irish Boy
  19. Pocketful of Dreams (Reprise) (feat. Michael English)
  20. Poem For Mum And Dad

Margo Live



  1. Back Home To Donegal
  2. The Hills That I Call Home
  3. Rosslare Harbour
  4. Mother’s Roses
  5. Dear God/Through The Eyes Of A Child
  6. Boys In Blue
  7. Please Mama Please
  8. New Patches
  9. Over The Years
  10. Tipperary Far Away
  11. Learning To Say Goodbye
  12. James Connolly
  13. Bonny Irish Boy
  14. Lovely Derry On The Banks Of The Foyle
  15. Pocketful Of  Dreams
  16. Highway Of My Life
  17. Deepening Snow
  18. I Still Miss Someone
  19. Patches In Heaven
  20. Paint Me A Picture Of Ireland
  21. Fields Of Hope
  22. Road By The River
  23. Time Changes Everything
  24. The Third Man




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